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Flying By Shaped Fold Card Duo Kit


This large shaped card features a cute bear in a hot airballoon and her pals in their planes. This flexible duo kit includes a choiceof 3D layers for the balloon or normal traditional decoupage layers. It’ssuitable for Birthdays, saying hello, cheering someone up, telling someone youare thinking of them, sending encouragement or support and wishing someoneluck.

You can add the 3D layers to the balloon which will pop upwhen the card is taken out of the envelope (and fold flat for posting); or youcan add the normal decoupage style layers; or the card can be left unlayeredand just made as a quick card. You can choose how you want to make it up. Justuse card layers sheets 1 and 2 for a traditional style layered card and sheets1 and 3 for a 3D pop up layered card.

A choice of six different sentiment panel layers areincluded for the front of the card (plus a blank panel) and six different fullyshaped inserts (five with greetings and one which has been left blank for youto add your own greeting or message). It comes with a matching envelope thoughit is also designed to fit a standard C5 (9x6.5 inch) envelope if you only wantto make the card. This kit contains THIRTEEN different sheets to choose from andstep by step instructions are included on each of the sheets.

This kit contains:

- a shaped card base sheet with sentiment panel (Just flyingby to say hi!)

- a layers sheets with the first two optional layers for thefront of the card which includes six sentiment panel layers (‘Just flying by tosay hi!’; ‘Hope you are flying high on your Birthday’; ‘Especially for you tolift your spirits’; ‘Let your dreams take flight’; ‘A fleeting greeting justfor you’; and ‘May you soar to new heights Good Luck!’) and a blank sentimentpanel layer that you can use to devise your own sentiments

- a second layers sheets with the remaining decoupage layersfor the front of the card

- a third layers sheets with the alternative 3D layers forthe front of the card

- a fully shaped matching card insert sheet which has beenleft blank so that you can write your own greeting or message

- a second insert sheet with a greeting (Just flying by tosay hi!)

- a third insert sheet with a greeting (Hope your Birthdayleaves you on cloud nine!)

- a fourth insert sheet with a greeting (Heard you’re goingplaces – the sky’s the limit!)

- a fifth insert sheet with a greeting (Heard you’ve been abit down – so here’s a little lift)

- a final insert sheet with a greeting (May your dreams soaron the wings of imagination)

- an envelope front sheet

- an envelope back sheet

- a matching backing paper that you can print onto thereverse side of the card base sheet if you would like the inside of the card tobe patterned

All the sheets are 300dpi, high resolution sheets, forquality printing.

Raw Graphics © Nitwit Collections Number: 31327)

Design, verses & template © Yvonne Munn (Card BuddyDesigns)


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