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The Style 5x7 Rectangular Invertage Foldback Card Kit


This versatile, multi-use card kit is ideal for the older men in your life. The invertage layers give this lovely original artwork added depth as they draw your eye into the distance, and the blank base sheets can be used for any suitable occasion. The card also has it’s own matching envelope but is also sized to fit a standard 5x7 envelope if you don’t want to make the matching envelope.

A total of eight different card base sheets in all are included in this pack, four ‘no cut’ base sheets and four traditional base sheets, giving you the option of making your foldback card without having to cut round the topper panel, which some people find difficult, or making it in the usual way. If you want to use the ‘no cut’ versions (the sheets with the half front panel) just cut out your topper, and add the additional invertage layers if you want to. Then stick the completed topper over the half front panel on the pre-folded card base so that it lines up with the part panel. It will then over hang the side fold giving you the same look as a traditional foldback card but without the need for awkward cutting out. Making your foldback card in this way is not only much quicker and easier, it has the added advantage of giving you a neater finished card that is also stronger as it doesn't end up with a big hole on the inside fold of the card as happens with traditional foldback cards.

A blank version of each style of card base is included, as well as three card bases of each style with different greetings covering Birthday; Father’s Day and Get Well. Step by step instructions are included on each of the sheets.

This kit contains:

- 4 card base sheets with half panel (‘no cut’ sheets) – one blank; one with ‘wishing you the happiest of Birthdays’; one with ‘wishing you a Happy Father’s Day’; and one with ‘Get Well Soon’

- 4 card base sheets with full panel (traditional sheets) – one blank; one with ‘wishing you the happiest of Birthdays’; one with ‘wishing you a Happy Father’s Day’; and one with ‘Get Well Soon’

- invertage sheet with topper panel and invertage layers

- an envelope front sheet

- an envelope back sheet

All sheets are 300dpi, high resolution sheets, for quality printing.

Raw Graphics © Pamela West

Some items created with the help of ScrappinCop resources (used under licence)

Design & Template © Yvonne Munn (Card Buddy Designs)


This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 20 November, 2012.