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Sympathy Diamond Pyramage Foldback Card Kit

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I made this card for my husbandís cousin who lost his mother. My husbandís aunty Nancy was a dear sweet lady who has been sadly missed. I have to admit that this was one of the most difficult cards Iíve ever had to make as it wasnít easy to design when my eyes flooded with tears.

It made me think that there may well be times in other peopleís lives, when they will also need such a card and will find it hard to face making it, so I worked this design up into a kit that others could use. Nancy always loved to receive my hand made cards and she was such a giving person that I know she would have loved the idea of me giving this kit away as a tribute to her.

I hope that none of you will ever need to use it but if you feel you would like to download it Ďjust in caseí, then please do. I hope that it may help to make such a sad time easier to bare in some small way. Although it was made with the death of a female relative in mind, I think it could also be used for the passing of a male family member or friend.

Two styles of card base sheets are included in this pack, giving you the option of making your foldback card without having to cut round the diamond panel, which some people find difficult, or making it in the usual way. If you want to use the Ďno cutí version (the sheet with the half front panel) just cut out and layer your topper, using as many of the layers as you wish. Then stick the completed topper over the half front panel on the folded card base so that it lines up with the part panel. It will then over hang the side fold giving you the same look as a traditional foldback card but without the need for awkward cutting out. Making your foldback card in this way is not only much quicker and easier, it has the added advantage of giving you a neater finished card that is also stronger as it doesn't end up with a big hole on the inside fold of the card as happens with traditional foldback cards.

This kit includes:

- four versions of the base sheet: 2 traditional and 2 no-cut; each with and without verse

- a pyramage layers sheet with 5 different sentiments that can be layered over the one on the base sheet and a blank panel that you can use to write your own

- an envelope front sheet

- an envelope back sheet

All sheets are 300dpi, high resolution sheets, for quality printing.

Raw Graphics © Trina Clark

Design & Template © Yvonne Munn (Card Buddy Designs)


This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 25 August, 2012.