Diamond Top Card

Step By Step Instruction How to Assemble a Diamond Top Card

For this demonstration I'm using Debbie Gibbons Easter Baby Diamond Top Card

Print the main card front and card inserts,

Next turn the main card front over and pop it back through the printer and print the blue backing paper which is included in the download on the reverse side,

Next cut out the main card and the inserts,

Now lay the sheet with the blue side down and do a mountain fold,

Do another mountain fold,

Now do a valley fold where i have placed the white lines,

Stand the card up and fold in place

This is an inside view

Side view

Another Side View

Now glue the card inserts in place

Lay the card down and fix the inserts in place

Hey Presto a cute little Card....

I want to thank Debbie Gibbons for the use of her download to make this demonstration and Debbie Lauder for letting me use her instruction guide :)

Have Fun!!