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Baby Trainer

Step By Step Instruction How to Assemble a Baby Trainer

For this demonstration I'm using Baby Trainer & Box - Craft Robo GSD File, which is also available as a Print & Cut PDF File

If you're a Designer we also have a Baby Trainer & Box Template Commercial Use CLICK HERE

If your using the PDF print and cut version simply print the template then pop the card back through the printer and print a backing paper on both sides,

If your using the Craft Robo Template print your backing paper on both sides then cut the baby trainer,

Next Fold All The Tabs In.

Now Find The Centre Or The Baby Trainer Will Go Out Of Shape.

Glue Around The Edge Of The Sole As Show In White, You Can Also Add Glue To Each Tab To Make It Stick Better.

Continue Sticking The Tabs All The Way Around.

To Finish Of The Shoe & Hide All The Messy Tabs Simply Glue The Second Sole To The Bottom Of The Shoe.

Nice & Neat

Turn The Trainer Over

Now Glue The Back Tab In Place.

Tab In Place

Now Add The Tongue.

Take Some Ribbon & Lace The Tongue In Place.

Continue Lacing The Tongue

A Cute Baby Trainer.