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Fold Card Kit

Step By Step Instruction How to Assemble a Fold Card Kit

For this demonstration I'm using Bunny Mummy Fold Card Kit

Print The Main Card & Decoupage Sheet,

Turn Both Sheets Over And Pop Them Back Through The Printer And Print One Of The Backing Papers Which Are Included In The Download On The Reverse Side,

Next Cut Out The Main Card Decoupage & Pictures,

Back View,

Using A Craft Knife Cut Along The White Lines, I Have Placed a Pen Through The Card So You Can See!!

Now Lay The Sheet Down and Do a Mountain Fold, Valley Fold, Mountain Fold, Valley Fold

Side View,

Front View,

Lay The Card Down and Fix The Main Picture In Place,

Card With Main Picture In Place, (Optional) Layer the Decoupage On The Main Picture,

Hey Presto a Cute Little Fold Card....