Help Page

How to join At the top of any page on the Scrapbookingmad website youíll see a button that says log in click on this button and youíll be taken to a page where you can create a login profile account,


Why do I need to create an account? You need an account in order to be able to get access to your downloads, after you have purchased your downloads you will be redirected back to where they will become available for you to download in your personal customer account area,

How to download After you have made your purchase you will be redirected back to the website where you can download your downloads instantly, if you donít get redirected donít worry you havenít lost them, all you need to do to find them is login to your account by clicking on login at the top of any page on the website, Once you are in your account, click on 'View order history' you will then see a list of your orders. Click on the relevant order (usually the top one) you will then be taken into your order details. The download items on your order will display a 'Download now' link next to them. Click on the link to start downloading the files.

The option of saving or opening the files will appear. You can open the files without saving but it's best to save them to your computer for next time you want to use them or youíll have to keep coming back to download them which can be a real pain - make a note of where you have saved them to avoid frustration! It might be good to create a new folder for your downloads,


If you do lose your downloads at any time, you can always download them again from your account.

Problems logging in If you are getting the following message;

Error: Sorry, there is no match for that email address and/or password

This could be because you have entered the wrong password or email address, please double check them both and try again.

If you still can not log in there is a forgotten password button which is located in the sign in box, click the forgotten password button and enter your email address and we will send you a new password.

The password we send you will be case sensitive so please remember to use upper and lower case letters or copy and paste the new password.

When you enter your email address and get this message;

Error: The Email Address was not found in our records; please try again

It could mean that you have misspelt your email address on your sign up form or you donít yet have an account with us. If you think you have misspelt your email address please send us an email using our contact us page so we can reset your account email address for you.

General questions

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept PayPal; we also accept payment by most major credit cards through Nochex

What payment currency do you use By default we use GB Pound, We do have a currency convert which can be found on the left hand side of the website, if the currency you require is not there you can email me and I'll be happy to add it for you.

Do you do custom work? We donít do custom work but we are open to suggestions and requests, most of them do get met

I canít login to my account Ok if you canít login to your account there is a button just under where you sign in that says forgot your password? Click on this, enter your email address then submit it and you will be emailed a new password

I cant find my downloads every now and again we do get some downloads that do take a little while to show up in your customer area, this doesnít happen often but when it does it can be a real pain, I know how frustrating this can be so if this happen to you just give me a quick email and Iíll look into it for you,

I paid by PayPal eCheque & I canít find my downloads Sometimes PayPal will pay for your items using an eCheque, this is because the bank/credit card you have attached to your PayPal account has expired, PayPal eCheque take 7-10 days to clear, I know how frustrating this can be so if this happen to you just give me a quick email and were work something out, To avoid it happening you can update your information with PayPal, this is optional you donít have to itís up to personal choice, if you donít wish to update then it just means that when you pay with PayPal it will take up to 10 days unless of course you have funds in the PayPal account then itís instant, we also offer credit card payments which you may prefer,