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Terms & Conditions

Please refer to our Guidelines before you submit EACH ITEM

As a seller, you're ultimately responsible for the legality of any item you offer for sale on Scrapbookingmad and the listing describing that item. If your item or listing violates Scrapbookingmad policy or is reported to Scrapbookingmad by a rights owner as violating its rights, the listing will be removed from Scrapbookingmad.

Scrapbookingmad Guidelines on creating legally compliant listings;

The following are general guidelines to help you create listings that do not infringe the intellectual property rights of others. However, these guidelines are not intended to constitute legal advice, Scrapbookingmad cannot be an expert in intellectual property regarding each item, if you have specific questions about the legality of an item you should contact us and we will advise you.

Follow these guidelines when selling an item on Scrapbookingmad:

• Before listing contact the intellectual property owner with any questions.

• You must know where the raw graphics you are using come from if you don't then do NOT use them.

• Create your own listing content.

• Make sure the statements in your listing are accurate.

• In each item description please state - Raw Graphics from - and the name of where you obtain the graphics. (No credit means we will delete your product and ask you to submit it with the right information)

• You must add a web address link and ask permission from the original designer, (please note you are not allowed to add a web link to your own website)

• No Public Domain Images Allowed.

• No images from CD's.

• If you are submitting an item made from a photo you have taken yourself then please add – I can declare that the photo used to make this item was taken by me.

• If you are submitting an item made from graphics that have been created yourself then please add – I can declare that the graphics used to make this item was designed by solely me.

Make sure the statements in your listing are accurate

• You should make sure that all statements and claims in your listing are true and complete. Rights owners may object to listings that contain false, inaccurate, or misleading claims.

• Making sure your listing is accurate and complete will not only help you avoid intellectual property concerns, it will also help buyers understand what they're buying, eliminating miscommunications.

If you have any questions, contact the intellectual property rights owner before listing

It is the responsibility of all sellers to make sure that their items are not infringing before listing them on Scrapbookingmad. If you are unsure, we encourage you to contact the intellectual property rights owner with any questions.

We want to stress how important credits are!! With out them your item will not be approved!!

1. Please give credit in the description, make 100% sure you name the correct artist, Raw Graphics from ……………………………….

2. Also add the website address where the images are from I will edit this into a link once you submit your design

Just a small note!!

Please remember that all elements of your design must be credited for! If you have used a ribbon or bow or a digital overlay you must also give credit for this, it’s very easy to forget the little things so please remember.